PC Repair Tips

RAM or random access memory is needed for your computer to run more smoothly. If your PC does not have enough memory space, it is prone to lagging and freezing. Also, if you have a gaming rig, you know how important having more RAM space is. If your computer currently has a small memory space and you are looking to upgrade, the best option is to take your unit to a PC repair shop and have the experts perform the job for you. However, if you would like to undertake the task yourself, here are some tips that you can use:

Know the Type of RAM Your Unit Needs

There are different types of RAM available on the market. The older DDR2 RAM is still used by older PCs today, while modern units usually have either DDR3 or DDR4 installed in them. Check your motherboard specifications on the type of RAM it needs. You can find this information on either the box of your motherboard or in the user manual. There is also information available on the Internet via the manufacturer’s website. If you are not sure, have a professional PC repair technician check it for you. There are also different RAM memory sizes available ranging from 1GB to 16GB.

Installing the RAM

Depending on the motherboard, you might have 2 to 4 RAM slots available. Depending on your usage, you might need to optimize all 4 slots. Unlock the RAM slot by lowering the white lockpart and all you have to do is position the RAM in the right place and push down and it will lock automatically. If it did not fit, you might have inserted the RAM in the wrong position. Once everything is done, check your PC’s configuration if the RAM space did increase.

If all of these are difficult for you, you can always have a PC repair technician in Brentwood, TN do everything for you. Call Brentwood PC at (615) 944-2605 if your PC needs an upgrade.